Lance Wallnau Blows Back The ‘Demonic’ Cloud Of ‘Witchcraft And Curses’ That Is Attacking Trump

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau recently hosted an emergency prayer session on his Facebook page, during which he took authority over the “demonic” cloud of “witchcraft and curses” that has been attacking President Trump and literally blew it away.

“We pray right now prayers for this nation and for those that are in authority,” Wallnau declared. “We pray specifically for our president, Donald Trump, Lord. This is a man who has confessed in the last two years to his first awakening and an understanding and embrace of the Gospel [during] his first meeting with evangelicals and understanding who they are. We believe, Lord, that you have singularly raised him up as a friend to Israel and as a friend to your people. Lord God, we thank you for this man, we thank you for the grace and the composure that he has exhibited thus far, for the self-restraint that he has put on as a guard against any impulsive acts.”

“We thank you that the cloud that is over the president, this demonic collective composition of global witchcraft and curses, we command to be blown back,” he said, before proceeding to physically blow away the demonic cloud. “By the power of your holy spirit.  Angels are being dispatched to Donald Trump right now.”