Christian Fascist Dalton Clodfelter Is Using His New Show to Promote White Nationalism

Dalton Clodfelter is a radical right-wing bigot, Christian nationalist, and fascist who openly dreams of imposing fundamentalist Christianity on the United States and censoring any opposition. A close ally of fellow white nationalist Nick Fuentes, Clodfelter got his start streaming on Fuentes’ Cozy.TV platform, which was founded so that “anti-gay, anti-women, anti-Black, antisemitic” activists had a platform where they could spew their bigotry without running afoul of the hate speech policies on mainstream media.

Clodfelter fit right in on that platform, so it was no surprise when radical right-wing conspiracy theorist Stew Peters gave Clodfelter a nightly program on Peters’ own network. Peters has close ties to various far-right political candidates and has used his program to interview several elected officials, GOP candidates, and former members of the Trump administration. Peters’ network has been a haven for the likes of Lauren Witzke and Edward Szall, two Christian nationalist bigots with whom Clodfelter has worked closely, and Clodfelter’s brand of unapologetic white nationalism has been a key feature of his “The Right Dissident” program, which began airing earlier this month.

On the July 6 episode of his show, Clodfelter kicked things off by ranting about the racist Great Replacement conspiracy theory and interracial marriage while declaring that this country should always be run by “a white majority.”

“We are fast approaching an anti-white society that puts white, straight men in positions where they will be looked at as less than in the workforce,” Clodfelter warned. “It’s hard to believe considering white people built this nation. Now the nation is seemingly turning its back on white people, going out of its way to teach in schools that if you are white, you are evil. And when you graduate and you are white, you will have a harder time finding a job.”

“In fact, right now, white people are being replaced,” he continued. “Why else would they want millions of illegal immigrants to pass through the border every year? Why else would they want the birth rate of white Americans to decrease? Why else would they be promoting interracial marriage on every advert in America? It’s simple: The establishment hates white people.”

“I’m not saying I’m for an ethnostate, meaning I believe the nation should be made up of only white people, because that just isn’t true,” Clodfelter added. “What I am saying is I believe in a white majority. I do believe whites should be celebrated for creating the modern world. Whites deserve that. Who is committing the violent crime in this country? Well, for the most part, it’s Blacks.”