Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Christian (Inter)Nationalism

  • Jacob Wohl does not believe reports that Sen. Patrick Leahy is recovering from hip surgery in the hospital: “I have confirmed that Patrick Leahy is NOT at any Washington DC area hospital. We can only assume that he has died and that fact is being covered up.”
  • Shane Vaughn fumes that Cassidy Hutchinson is a lying witch: “You are a rebellious Jezebel with your little lezzie spirit.”
  • Elijah Schaffer declares that women can’t possibly solve the world’s problems because those problems were created by men: “When women lead, it is a sign of a curse on a country.”
  • Lauren Witzke has a message for Jews who oppose Christian nationalist efforts to impose their faith on the country: “We are a Christian nation, founded by Christians, and YES- we should legislate our faith on you. If you don’t like it, get out.”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes says “there should only be Christian countries” and wants to see Christian nationalism imposed on the entire world: “Why should other countries be allowed to be wrong? … You are gonna become a Christian.”