Chris McDonald Is Not Happy About Our Racist, Anti-Christian ‘Piece of Crap” Article

Last week, we wrote a post featuring a clip from “The MC Files” program in which host Chris McDonald and his guest Shari Wassell complained that those who support President Trump today are the targets of discrimination and prejudice, just as blacks were during the Jim Crow era.

McDonald had Wassell on his program again last night and used it as an opportunity to attack us and the website Dead State for posting a similar piece, declaring that our post was a racist, anti-Christian “piece of crap.”

Even though Wassell admitted that our post had quoted her correctly, McDonald was outraged nonetheless.

“Let me tell you something, you don’t even know what a Christian is,” McDonald said. “Stop using the Christian faith to promote your racist agenda. I’m sick of it. That’s what you do because you hate God. You sit there and you slam Christianity and you slam the faith when you yourself don’t even believe in God. I’m not trying to be your judge because I’m not your judge—God’s your judge—but stop using the Christian angle to make a racist point, because everything in that article that you posted was nothing but racist.”

“I’m gonna tell you this, your article was nothing but a piece of crap,” he added. “Your article was a piece of s**t, and that you can take to the bank. You hear me?”