Bryan Fischer Laughably Brags That Trump Won ’80 Percent Of The Country’

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer continues to respond in an increasingly absurd manner to the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular in the presidential election, to the point where he has now resorted to bragging that Donald Trump won “80 percent of the country” … when determined solely by “real estate.”

“The New York Times today had a map of the electoral results,” Fischer said on his radio show last Thursday, “Donald Trump won 80 percent of all of the counties in the United States … All Hillary Clinton won were counties on the coasts with the elites and then urban pockets in the interior of America. But the winner all across the country, if you’re looking at real estate, it’s Donald Trump, hand’s down. Eighty percent of the country, he won.”

“Basically the voters representing 3 million square miles chose Trump,” he said. “Hillary Clinton’s voters control 530,000 square miles.”