Bryan Fischer: Clinton’s Popular Vote Win Was Probably Due To Millions Of Illegal Votes

On his American Family Radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer asserted that Hillary Clinton possibly only won the popular vote because more than three million non-citizens illegally cast votes in last week’s presidential election, despite having no evidence to substantiate that claim.

“You look at the margin in the popular vote that Hillary Clinton has,” he said, “it’s somewhere north of a million—they’re still counting—but let’s say she wins the popular vote by a million votes. It very well could be that what tipped the balance to Hillary Clinton were three million illegal aliens that simply had no right to vote, let alone even to be in this country.”

The claim that three million illegal votes were cast for Clinton is something that appears to be taken as an established fact by many right-wing media outlets despite the fact that the “evidence” for this claim seems to be nothing more than two tweets from a right-wing activist named Gregg Phillips, who runs a couple of bare bones efforts to root out voter fraud.

Phillips claims that, within two days of the election, he somehow analyzed 180 million voter registration forms and was able to verify that more than three million illegal votes were cast:

Phillips lists himself as a board member of True The Vote, a Tea Party “election integrity” group, and promises that the organization will be taking legal action, but so far True The Vote doesn’t appear to have said anything publicly about these millions of supposedly illegal votes, nor has Phillips or provided a single shred of evidence to substantiate his claim.

But apparently the word of one guy on Twitter is good enough for Fischer.