Bryan Fischer: People Who Work For The Federal Government Should Be Denied The Right To Vote

On his American Family Radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer floated the idea that people who work for the federal government ought to be prohibited from voting because they have a “conflict of interest.”

Citing an absurd election map recently posted by Breitbart, Fischer declared that most Americans voted for Donald Trump, while only the elites on the coasts and in Washington, D.C., voted for Hillary Clinton (conveniently ignoring the fact that Clinton wound up with nearly a million more votes overall.)

For this reason, Fischer then suggested that people who work for the government ought to be stripped of their right to vote.

Baselessly asserting that 90 percent of donations made by federal employees went to Clinton, Fischer declared that “we ought to seriously think about whether people who work for the federal government should be allowed to vote, simply for conflict of interest reasons.”

“To me, that’s a fair trade off,” he said. “You want to work for the federal government, you want to get that paycheck, you want to get that job security … you want all that, that’s fine; you’ll have to trade that for the opportunity to vote. Take your pick.”

Members of the military, of course, also receive their paychecks from the federal government and, under Fischer’s standard, would also have a “conflict of interest” regarding who becomes president, so presumably he would support stripping them of their right to vote as well, right?