Brenden Dilley Says Trump Has ‘God-Tier Genetics’ and Will Add Beating COVID to His ‘List of Legendary Feats’

MAGA “life coach,” Trump-cultist, and proudly amoral right-wing broadcaster Brenden Dilley kicked off his “The Dilley Show” livestream Friday by telling his viewers not to worry about the fact that President Donald Trump has tested positive COVID-19 because Trump has “God-tier genetics,” claiming that defeating the coronavirus will become just the latest thing to add to Trump’s “list of legendary feats.”

“I don’t care what you say, that dude’s got God-tier genetics,” Dilley said. “His kids are always healthy. They’re all strong, tall, no fucking deformities, nothing going on. These are rock solid people. President Donald J. Trump, he’s been your president for three-and-a-half years. He’s been campaigning for like—I don’t even know how long—another two years on top of that? You’ve never seen him sick. You’ve never seen him without energy. So just remember, President Trump is not somebody that’s walking around with weak-ass pussy fucking genetics, alright? He hasn’t got those liberal genes, OK? These are like God-tier genetics, top fucking one percentile genetics. So, don’t even sweat that shit.”

“Part of what makes President Trump special is that we finally have somebody we can build legend around and you need that in culture,” he continued. “So far, President Trump has dispatched the Russians. He’s dispatched China. He’s dispatched North Korea. He’s dealt with the Iranians. He whacked ISIS. He destroyed the deep state. He destroyed Obama. He destroyed Clinton. All these people tried to fight him; he beat all of them so far. He beat Mueller. He beat the FBI. He beat the CIA. Do I need to keep going? He’s gonna add coronavirus to the list of legendary feats.”