Brenden Dilley Urges His Audience to Harass Reporters and Politicians ‘All the Time’

Kevin Vesey, a reporter for News 12 Long Island, was verbally harassed, abused, and threatened yesterday while covering a right-wing protest against local restrictions enacted to slow the spread of COVID-19, and MAGA cultist and “life coach” Brenden Dilley loved every minute of it.

On his livestream program today, Dilley, an unapologetically amoral right-wing commentator, praised right-wing activists for harassing Vesey while he tried to cover the protest, saying that politicians and members of the media shouldn’t be able to walk down the street without being relentlessly heckled and harangued by Trump supporters.

“I love it,” Dilley said. “That shit felt good. And you know what? It should feel good. That’s exactly what you do. Every time you see him, don’t be in awe, ‘Hey, is that the guy from TV?’ Fuck ’em. Yeah, it is the guy from TV. Get your phone out, hit record, [and shout], ‘Fuck you fake news, enemy of the people’ every time. Every fucking time, all of them, all the time.”

“You recognize your governor, you recognize some fucking asshole from the governor’s office, or one of your politicians for your local community, you see him in public, you know he’s doing a shit job, let them have it,” Dilley continued. “Let him fucking have it. None of them should be able to walk down the street without hearing it from you. Every single one of them should be hearing it, ‘We fucking hate you.’ Because you know what? The truth is this: We hate them just as much as they fucking hate us, if not more. Come on, debate me on that one. You guys all know it’s true. You don’t like them. You don’t like fake news. You don’t want to get along with them. Fuck ’em. You hate them just as much as you think they hate you. Guaranteed. You just let them have it every single time. No more fucking playing nice. No more manners, ‘I’m just a good little American, that’s not appropriate.’ Fuck ’em.”