BarbWire Publishes Call For Armed Rebellion Against ‘Tyrannical Left’ If ‘Biblical Reformation’ Fails

BarbWire, which promotes "Politics and Culture from a Biblical Worldview," was founded by anti-LGBTQ activist Matt Barber.

David Jolly, a columnist for the right-wing site BarbWire, compared the situation of conservatives and Christians in the U.S. today to that of American colonists suffering under onerous British rule and taxation, and urged Christians and conservatives to “be ready to take up arms and fight for our country.”

In many ways, America today is much like the American colonies 250 years ago and short of a biblical reformation the likes this nation has never seen, it seems obvious that the only hope of saving America is for Christians and conservatives do what they did 244 years ago when they armed themselves and rebelled against the tyrants that were oppressing them.

In his May 4 column, Jolly argued that Americans “once again are finding themselves being oppressed by the tyrannical left.”

The leftists want to tax everyone to death, just like the British did so long ago. The left is also trying to take away as many rights as possible. They are busy passing laws that make preaching the Bible illegal because parts on sin are considered offensive hate language. Conservatives and Christians are being openly targeted in an effort to silence their voices. Their websites and social media pages are being blacklisted and shutdown by leftists. If a conservative and/or Christian is scheduled to speak in public, extreme leftists threaten violence.

“Am I calling for a rebellion?” Jolly asked:

If necessary, YES, I am. First I ask everyone to pray for a complete reformation, but short of that reformation, I urge conservatives and Christians to be ready to take up arms and fight for our country. If they don’t, the America we all love and cherish will quickly disappear.

BarbWire is the creation of Matt Barber, an anti-LGBTQ activist and former associate dean at Liberty University’s law school who co-hosts a radio show with Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and Holly Meade. In December 2017, Barber joined with former Colorado lawmaker Gordon Klingenschmitt to launch what they called “Christian Civil Rights Watch,” whose list of “Anti-Christian Extremist Groups” includes Right Wing Watch as well as LGBTQ equality organizations, the American Federation of Teachers, the American Medical Association, the American Library Association, and even the Log Cabin Republicans.

BarbWire includes this disclaimer at the end of pieces like Jolly’s: “The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Barb Wire.”