BarbWire Contributor: Election ‘Final Nail in Our Nation’s Coffin’

Headline of BarbWire column

While many right-wing commentators have emphasized big wins for conservatives among yesterday’s mixed election results—including a stronger Republican majority in the U.S. Senate—one BarbWire columnist declared this morning that “yesterday’s election was one of the darkest days in America’s history.”

David Jolly—not the former Florida Congressman of the same name—fumed that the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives “spells the end of the America that we have known and loved.”

“It is the perhaps the final nail in our nation’s coffin and the turning it into something ugly and evil—a socialist nation,” he wrote.

For his part, BarbWire creator and right-wing activist Matt Barber spent the days before the election predicting a red wave, a red tsunami even, and warned his twitter followers to expect riots the day after the election. He has since recognized the results as mixed, while gloating over Republican gains in the Senate and the impact that is likely to have on confirmation of more right-wing federal judges.