Alex McFarland: ‘God Intervened To Save The U.S. Constitution’ By Electing Donald Trump

Right-wing Christian apologist Alex McFarland appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program last week, where he and host Perry Atkinson agreed that Donald Trump’s electoral victory over Hillary Clinton was undoubtedly a miraculous work of divine intervention.

Atkinson said that all the polls and conventional wisdom suggesting that Clinton would win were wrong and “I can’t help but think that’s God.”

“It looks like to me we saw a modern divine intervention miracle into our country,” Atkinson said, and McFarland agreed.

McFarland said that in all of his years of traveling around the country preaching the Gospel, he “had never seen so many prayer meetings” being organized among Christians who realized that they were “about to lose it all” if Trump did not win.

“These are the facts,” he said. “Hillary has contempt for First Amendment rights of religious expression. Hillary has contempt for the Second Amendment right to bear arms and self protection. Hillary had said she envisioned a gun-free America. You know, Adolf Hitler envisioned a gun-free Germany and that’s why the Third Reich, part of why they were able to take over.”

“Perry, I saw people praying, suddenly the light bulb came on and the deplorables were roused to action,” McFarland said, “and that action began with prayer. And yes, the pundits can say what they want, the experts are scratching their head, they don’t know what happened, how this happened. What happened, because of the remnant of believers, because of our contributions to the Great Commission, God intervened to save the U.S. Constitution. That’s what happened.”