Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The End Of The Jefferson Gathering?

  • Lee Duigon insists that the woman pictured on the back of Hillary Clinton’s new book, “What Happened,” is not actually Hillary Clinton.
  • Joseph Farah says that President Trump “is not the one dividing America over racial lines. Those who attack America—and the president—as racist are.”
  • Alex McFarland says that a better name for Dreamers would be “felons”: “We’ve got to remember that we’re talking about people who have skirted the law, either intentionally or by virtue of being part of a family. We need to use the word ‘felon’ [instead] because people who break the law—especially invading a country without going through the channels—they need to be helped to understand that we do not have open borders.”
  • Religious Right anti-LGBTQ researcher Mark Regnerus is back.
  • Finally, the Capitol Hill-based ministry The Jefferson Gathering seems to have suddenly folded, according to founder Jim Garlow: “Our ministry in Washington, DC is in transition. Dan Cummins has resigned and the Skyline Church board has accepted his resignation. A new ministry in DC is on the horizon, with God’s strategy, God’s timing and God’s person. Key select people are advising Skyline how to see the ministry go to the next level. Some great things are about to happen.”