Gina Raimondo's Curious Speech at the Manhattan Institute (VIDEO)

Rhode Island Treasurer Gina Raimondo appeared at the Manhattan Institute on Thursday to receive that organization’s Urban Innovator Award. Raimondo was being recognized for her efforts to reform the state’s public pension plans. While Raimando is not the first Democrat to receive the award, her appearance at the right-wing think tank is likely to raise eyebrows back home because of what she said and where she said it.
For instance, in response to a question from Charles Brunie – a founder of Oppenheimer Capital and former chairman of the Manhattan Institute – Raimondo seemed to indicate that she’s open to privatizing, or selling outright, state assets. She also suggested that, due to her private sector background, she outworks lawmakers and other public servants and employees at the state house.
To be sure, the substance of Raimondo’s speech was the importance of core government services and the need to sustain them financially for future generations. She highlighted Rhode Island’s pension reforms as proof that government can work and closed by arguing that the debate over whether government is too big should be supplanted by a debate over whether government is effective. However, the venue for her speech raises questions.
The Manhattan Institute, perhaps best known as the “brain trust” of the Giuliani administration in New York, has a long history of working to privatize, undermine, and cut public schools, social services, and public transportation. These are the very services that Raimondo cited as essential in her life and to all citizens of Rhode Island.
More broadly, the Manhattan Institute pushes a right-wing agenda that is only partially obscured by the intellectual veneer it projects on its work. Whether it’s equal rights for gays and lesbians, immigration reform, equality between men and women, or affirmative action for minorities, the Manhattan Institute is working against it. In fact, the think tank’s best known “scholar” is Charles Murray, co-author of the discredited Bell Curve, which claimed a genetic link between race and IQ – e.g. blacks are genetically less intelligent than whites.
It is unclear what Raimondo hoped to accomplish by accepting the award. The motivations of the Manhattan Institute, however, are far less opaque. Their aim is to cut government spending on social programs – not to make it more effective – but rather to achieve their utopian free market vision of society. Partnering with a Democrat like Raimondo enables them to put forward a reasonable, bi-partisan face. The day after her speech, no less than the Wall Street Journal editorial page – no fan of Democrats or government – heaped praise on the treasurer for leading the Rhode Island “miracle.”
You can watch selected clips below and the full speech on the Manhattan Institute’s Public Sector Inc. website.
Intro video featuring Dick Cheney praising the Manhattan Institute’s “fresh thinking”:

Raimondo on getting locked in the state house:

Raimondo Q&A with Charles Brunie:

Raimondo on the importance of government:

Jacobs: Elect Right-Wing Politicians…Or Else

Cindy Jacobs revealed her prophecy of what will happen to the United States in 2012 in an email to members yesterday following her meeting with the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, a group which includes C. Peter Wagner, Lou Engle and Harry Jackson, among others. She said God told her that 2012 will be a “‘do-or-die’ year for the country” and the “presidential election cycle will determine where we stand as a nation.” Jacobs goes on to say that pastors will begin to “thunder from the pulpits and not compromise scripture” by challenging politicians who are “standing in the place of the ‘accuser of the brethren,’” or Satan.

According to Jacobs, right-wing Christians will be victims of the “liberal media” and “hate crimes” as “Satan fights back with great wrath,” but in the end “God is going to ‘blow away’ the covering of some people and reveal the truly righteous and conservative.” However, she warns that if Americans do not support such conservative politicians and “throw off the shackles of abortion, poverty, pornography, and sexual sins of all kinds, including homosexuality,” there will be a “great shaking” and the U.S. will be punished just like Europe and Muslim countries for “God will use this season to uproot the anti-Christ spirit”:

The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders met in late November to seek a word of the Lord for the coming year, as they have since 1999. Due to world-wide shaking, this was probably the most sobering council gathering to date. Many prophets around the world believe that the United States must make a major shift toward reformation in 2012 and that it will be a "do-or-die" year for the country to be re-established on the course of becoming the "city set on a hill" envisioned by our Founders.

Twelve in scripture represents government. This presidential election cycle will determine where we stand as a nation. The United States has already lost a measure of its greatness but, without a shift, will lose even more in the coming days. In the Word for 2011, we felt it would either be a "tipping point year" or the year of the "perfect storm". Internationally, this seems to have been very accurate, as it was quite literally the perfect storm for Japan, much to our sorrow.

However, there was a sense that 2011's shaking was nothing like we'll see in the coming world-wide shaking. In the coming season, the whole Body of Christ must find her voice and authority in the nations of the earth and learn to "occupy" until He comes. The Council does not believe, however, that the end of the world will come in 2012, as some predict.

There is a coming shift where the Body of Christ will rise up as the "ekklesia" or legislative authority. Many pastors will throw off the bondages of political correctness and find their voice. Preachers will thunder from the pulpits and not compromise scripture. This will cause many politicians to realize that they have gone too far by standing in the place of the "accuser of the brethren" and the fear of the Lord will fall upon many.

Counter-attacks against reformers will be fierce, as Satan fights back with great wrath. This will happen in the media, but those who attack will find themselves under fire as God takes up the battle. Out of this will arise the ekklesia as a shining light that cannot be shaken!

Do not be intimidated by these attacks and you will win. The church will find her voice. The liberal media will particularly come against those who are pro-life and pro-biblical defense of marriage. Hate crimes will be tolerated and called acts of justice.

Europe is going to shake, shake, shake. The EU, who felt they could leave God out of their government and even imprison pastors for preaching the gospel, is going to be dealt with by God, Himself. In the midst of the shaking, God is going to awaken the church as never before seen in history. Other nations such as Russia and parts of Asia will shake as well. In some nations, dictators will topple who have seemingly had such a deep hold on their nations that they have been considered immovable.

Many nations will experience rioting in the midst of the economic shakings. God will use this season to uproot the anti-Christ spirit, as many who were formerly favorable to "isms", such as Islam, will see it for what it truly is and turn to Christ. Turkey and Egypt will try to intimidate Israel. Again, the Lord spoke to us that we must stand with Israel.

In the United States elections, God is going to "blow away" the covering of some people and reveal the truly righteous and conservative. We are calling for a year of prayer and fasting for the nation. The United States has one year to shift or be seriously shaken.

Lou Engle puts it this way, "In the dark hours before dawn, the youth begin to collect. The ground that was dry before now sparkles as far as the eye can see. It is the enemies' worst nightmare to go to sleep, only to awake the next morning surrounded by an army that materialized out of thin air! What had been an empty field is now filled with soldiers whose weapons glint in the sunrise. Literally overnight, an army of devoted young people is going to arise out of this present darkness. This vast youth army is already mobilizing. Invisible now - Invincible later."

Cindy Jacobs adds, "This is God's breaker-of-the-dawn army! Fresh troops for the battle, burning with holiness and fiery with passion for the Lord! They are beautiful in holiness, and have the anointing to throw off the shackles of abortion, poverty, pornography, and sexual sins of all kinds, including homosexuality."

Right Wing Round-up - 1/9/12

  • Warren Throckmorton: Alan Chambers: 99.9% have not experienced a change in their orientation.

Right Wing Leftovers - 1/9/12

  • Robert Jeffress says the retreat of Religious Right leaders on the presidential election is a “waste of time” because it will have “too many egos with too many agendas.”
  • Mitt Romney’s campaign is running into problems while trying to disavow their pro-LGBT rights flyers from his 2002 gubernatorial bid.
  • Married pastors to live stream their 24 hour “sexperiment” from the bed on their church roof.
  • Quote of the day from Bill Keller:
    Listen, if Mitt Romney wants to wear magical underwear with Satanic markings that he believes protects him and thinks he will die and become the god of his own planet with an endless supply of women to create spirit babies with, that is up to him. I think it is journalistic malpractice for the media not to at least tell the truth about what Romney and those in his cult believe, while calling anyone with the guts to tell the truth about his cult a bigot.


Fischer Laments that ‘We Have Feminized Public Policy’

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer was excited today to read about a Public Library of Science One Journal study that finds distinct differences in personality traits between men and women. Although the study did not explore to what extent those differences are due to nature or nurture, and other researchers are already questioning the results, Fischer took the opportunity to expound on his views on the proper role of women in the public sphere.

Two years ago, Fischer provoked national controversy when he said that the United States had “feminized” the Medal of Honor by granting it to those who who have saved lives, not just those who have killed enemy troops. Today he goes back to the theme, claiming that America is in trouble because we have “feminized public policy”:

If these differences are as profound as this study suggests, could that be the explanation for why God has designed men to be leaders in the home, leaders in the church and leaders in society? And I would suggest that the answer to that question is, “Yes.”

In fact, I’ll tell you how we have gotten into trouble in our public policy, is – I don’t know how to say this without getting myself in big trouble here – but the way we have gotten in trouble in our public policy is we have gotten away from masculine characteristics of public policy. We have feminized our public policy. Our public policy ought to be about stability, it ought to be about rule consciousness -- that’s the rule of law, the same rules apply to everybody, that’s what it ought to be about -- and vigilance. Instead, so much of our public policy has been driven by what? Sensitivity, warmth and fear. These are female characteristics, they’re feminine characteristics, they should not be the things that guide and control public policy.

So anyway, I probably just got myself in a big mess there, but again that’s not me saying it. That’s not me saying that men and women have distinct personalities and it’s inate, that’s a secular outfit, the Public Library of Science One Journal.

Dominionist Lance Wallnau: Government, Economy and Media Are Occupied by Satan

On Friday’s "Prophetic Prospectives with Rick Joyner," leading Seven Mountains dominionist Lance Wallnau used his trademark Magic Marker illustrations to demonstrate the duty of Christians to occupy the “mountains” of government, media and economics. Referring to the parable of the strong man, Wallnau suggests that these “mountains” of influence are currently being occupied by Satan:

Well, the church is the equipping place, but the world system is where we haven’t gone. We’ve been going into all the nations to plant churches. We haven’t been going into all the nations to invade systems. We have to start to bring the Word of God, the teaching of Christ, into the systems. What systems? The governments need to be led by people with principle. That’s how you overthrow principalities, is people who have anointing and principles occupying high places. The media, right now the economics world, the media world and the government world is shaping every minute that you’re bumping into when you have a conversation….and education. What we need are believers going to the top of these systems because it’s where the high places are that Satan occupies the strong man’s house. And if you want to plunder the strong man’s house, you’ve got to go where the gates of Hell are located.

‘Historian’ Barton Cites Michele Bachmann, Gets Her Made-Up Facts Wrong

Lest we need any more proof that David Barton is not a real historian, or even someone with a vague grasp of current affairs, in the latest installment of WallBuilders Live he cites the research of well-known fact fabricator Michele Bachmann – and gets her fabricated facts wrong.

Discussing with co-host Rick Green the relationship between increasing secularism and the economic collapse, Barton pulls out one heck of a Bachmann whopper. Citing Bachmann as his source, Barton asserts that before the Bush administration’s financial industry bailouts and the Obama administration’s auto industry bailout, “100 percent of the American economy” was privately owned. Now, he says, that total is 33 percent:

Barton: One of the things we’re starting to see is that as the economic system is shutting down, it is corresponding to the time that we’ve become increasingly secular. As we have had an upturn in, “Hey we want less of God, we want less religion, keep it to yourself, don’t let it get out, don’t talk about it, separation of church and state,” as we’ve gone in a more secular direction, guess what? Spending’s gone through the roof, economic policies have gone away. As Michele Bachmann pointed out, before that government bailout and takeover of the various entities, what was it, now three and a half years ago, but that’s when the government stepped in and took over insurance, took over AIG, took over GM. At that point, we had 100 percent of the American economy still being free, private, privately owned. It is now down, by her calculations, to less than 33 percent of the market is still free owned and free run

Green: Is it fair to say, “Less God, more government”?

Barton: You bet it is. It is. And that’s economically as well. You lose your economic freedom, you lose your religious freedom, you lose your civil freedoms. This stuff all ties together.

Bachmann, as it turns out, did claim after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act in March 2010 that “100 percent of our economy was private prior to September of 2008, but as of Tuesday, the federal government has now taken ownership or control of 51 percent of the private economy." Both of those numbers were, of course, completely made up. Barton not only cites Bachmann’s ludicrous claim that the U.S. economy was free of government spending before 2008, but exaggerates Bachmann’s already exaggerated figure of the federal government’s economic control.

Later in the program, Barton brought his revisionist history to Europe, claiming that labor unions were responsible for the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union -- and will put America on a similar path. Commenting on on Green’s interview with business professor Steve Pejovich, a native of Yugoslavia, Barton said:

Barton: He made a statement I don’t think I’ve heard anybody else have the guts to say. He said, “Investing in labor unions is the way to destroy the best economy in the world.” I mean, that’s a profound statement. Now, he understands unions, because that was a lot of what brought Hitler in, that’s a lot of what happened with the Soviet Union afterward, they had all these workers’ unions. And there’s a guy who’s seen what’s happened with unions, and he’s watching what’s happening over here with the rise of unions and unionism and all the stuff that Obama’s doing to promote unions and unionism, he knows where it will take us.

Klingenschmitt likens Al Franken to Kim Jong-Il, Accuses him of 'Homosexualizing' Kids

Former military chaplain turned Religious Right activist Gordon Klingenschmitt asked members of the Pray in Jesus Name Project on Saturday to prevent Al Franken from “homosexualizing kids” through anti-bullying legislation. He writes that Franken’s anti-bullying efforts are comparable to the totalitarian dictatorship ran by late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. Klingenschmitt says the Minnesota senator and other progressives have “deified sin as their god” and, like Kim, are attempting to “re-educate” children and diminish faith in God.

He called the legislation “evil” and told members of his organization, “We must defeat these bills...[and] send them back to where they came from: back to Hell,” because otherwise progressives will  “achieve their dream of a sexual promiscuous country that rivals Sodom and Gomorrah.”



While gay, lesbian, and preverts are pushing this onto elementry school kids in California, there are over 140 Congress men in DC trying to do the same thing in every school across America, both private and public. Senator Al Franken and Homosexual Congressman Jared Polis have introduced S.555 and H.R. 998 the "Homosexual Classrooms Act" aka Student Non-Discrimination.

The Obama Administration would make it legal for homosexuals to recruit your children starting in the first grade, with mandatory classroom lectures that normalize sin. Educators will be required to ask your children if they are straight or gay starting in the 1st grade, and they will be able to help each child find his or her "chosen" sexuality. At an age when most kids don't even know what sex is, they will be forced to endure pro-homosexual propaganda. Schools that decline will lose their funding.

The Liberals are fighting this battle on every front. Assembly Bill 266 in California started out as a common bill about sports education two years ago. Yet by adding an amendment to a two year bill the legislation avoids many of the hearings and public input requirements and much of the expected public opposition this would generate. This is also true in DC, where Homosexuals are trying to push pro-gay bills on elementary children very quietly and without spotlight or attention. Your petitions to Congress expose their evil, and deny them any stealth ability. YOU shine the light on their dark sinful deeds.

What do Kim Jong-Il and Senator Franken have in common? Kindergarten.


North Koreans are trained from age 6 to worship Kim Jong Il as if he were a god.

When atheists resist the supernatural reality of the One True God, they must deify someone or something else to fill the void. In North Korea they deified the Kim dynasty, his father before him Kim Il-Song, and his son after, Kim Jong-Un.

But here in America, liberals, socialists (and yes, communists) who hate God have done everything possible to kick God out of schools, banning Christmas or any mention of Jesus Christ. This week Americans United for Separation of Church and State threatened to sue a public school in Alabama if they dare allow children to sing "Silent Night." Led by pro-homosexual Senators like Al Franken, liberals have deified sin as their god.

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and openly homosexual Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) now have 138 co-sponsors in the House and 38 in the Senate, to do what? To mandate nationwide "re-education" of kindergarten and first-grade children that homosexuality is normal, not a sin. No kidding. The bills are S. 555 and H.R.998, (aka the "Homosexual classrooms act") that bullies kids without permission of Christian parents, in the name of promoting sexual re-orientation in kids they wish to recruit for sinful acts.

We must defeat these bills. Let's send them back to where they came from: back to Hell.


Bottom line: What do Kim Jong-Il and Al Franken have in common? They re-educate kindergarten children to worship their gods, and reject Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I say we tell them "not my kids," and Merry Christmas too.

SELECT HERE TO SIGN PETITION, and we will instantly fax all 535 Congressmen and Senators (saving you much time!) to stop Sen. Al Franken's "Homosexual Classrooms Act" and OPPOSE AND FILIBUSTER S.555 + H.R. 998 aka Student Non-Discrimination.

Senator Al Franken bullies kids with "Homosexual Classrooms Act." Take action!


This legislation would make it not only legal for teachers to introduce to alternative and sexually perverse lifestyles, but in fact require them to introduce kids to homosexuality without parental consent. This legislation would protect homosexual propositions and sexual advances as free speech. The legislation will EXEMPT homosexual students from any punishment if they initiate propositioning, harassing, or even sexually assaulting their classmates, as part of their specially-protected right to "freedom of self-expression." Any school that does not teach this pro-homosexual agenda will lose all federal funding.

This radical homosexual agenda indoctrinates an enter generation of American children with their dream of a new America founded on sexual promiscuity, in which Jesus and traditional values are exterminated. "And its dangerously close to passing" according to Eugene Delgaudio of the Public Advocate for the United States.


Christian educator St. Francis Xavier once said "Give me the child until he is seven and I’ll give you the man." This has now become Al Franken's strategy behind this legislation. If the Homosexuals can bombard our children's mind in school before they are 7, then they will have open season to recruit kids into their perverse lifestyle, and achieve their dream of a sexual promiscuous country that rivals Sodom and Gomorrah.

Liberty Counsel Accuses Macy's of Rape Cover-Up

The right-wing legal foundation Liberty Counsel is representing a former Macy’s employee who was fired when she violated company policy and refused to allow a transgender woman to use the woman’s changing room to try on clothes. In the weeks since the incident, Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver has made the rounds to disparage and attack transgender Americans as well as Macy’s for respecting the rights of LGBT customers.

Staver has previously warned that Macy’s policy could lead to rape by enabling male rapists to claim they are female and then assault women in changing rooms. Today on Faith & Freedom, Staver went even further by repeating accusations made by an unnamed tipster that Macy’s is actively covering up a string of sexual assaults, including rape, at its stores. Staver did not seem to know much about the tipster or his claims, but that did not stop him from repeating them. Staver’s deputy, Matt Barber, went on to say that he wasn’t surprised by the accusations. After all, Barber said, the “homosexual activist lobby and people who are trapped in the homosexual lifestyle” are “in constant rebellion with order, with their natural order, with natural law, with biology.”


Staver: We also have another individual that contacted us, Matt, who said that he was sort of a trouble shooter, I forgot the exact title that he was working in in Macy’s, and he brought to Macy’s the issue of these men going into the women’s fitting rooms.

Barber: Probably working in corporate security or loss prevention.

Staver: Loss prevention or something of that nature. He brought to their attention articles from around the country where people had gone into Macy’s, and some other stores but specifically Macy’s, women had gone in and they had been sexually assaulted in these fitting rooms by men that have been coming into those fitting rooms, and even rapes. He brought this to the attention of Macy’s to address this policy and he said rather than address it he was terminated.

Barber: Not surprising, they are pulling the wool over their own eyes here. That’s the hallmark of the homosexual activist lobby and people who are trapped in the homosexual lifestyle, they are in constant rebellion with order, with their natural order, with natural law, with biology, obviously a man can’t be a woman and a woman can’t be a man. Groups like the Human Rights Campaign are constantly raising the bar, moving the goal posts if you will, they have their Corporate Equality Index and they use that in order to strong arm companies into signing off on every single one of their demands.

Bauer Endorses Santorum while other Religious Right Leaders Wait and See

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council told the Washington Times that he doubted Religious Right leaders can unite behind a Republican candidate, despite pleas from activists like Bob Vander Plaats for leaders to “cancel” their Texas retreat and “rearrange their plans to get to South Carolina, Florida, wherever they can help Santorum.” In 2008, many Religious Right figures were divided over whom to support and only coalesced behind Mike Huckabee’s candidacy when John McCain’s nomination became inevitable.

Now, it appears that they are likely to repeat that mistake this year:

The goal is to see if what occurred in 2008 can be avoided in 2012. Keep conservatives from being fractured and allowing a non-conservative to capture the nomination only to lose the general election,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian think-tank.

“Will they coalesce around one candidate?” Mr. Perkins said. “It is possible, but not probable.”

“That coalescence is not going to happen before South Carolina, and since these early primaries are not winner-take-all, as in the past, we have time,” Mr. Perkins said.

He said he gleaned from the conference call a sense that clarity on the issue may not come until after the Jan. 21 South Carolina primary or even the Jan. 31 Florida primary.

Some expressed doubts that Mr. Santorum’s post-Iowa caucuses boost has any shelf life of more than a few weeks. And they do not want to go on the record endorsing a falling star.

Gary Bauer, who led the FRC from 1988-1999 before leaving his post to run for President, however, endorsed Santorum in South Carolina. Now as leader of American Values and the Campaign for Working Families, Bauer says only Santorum can end “the nightmare of the Obama era”:

"He's the guy that most reflects the Reagan personification of republicanism, that is lower taxes, smaller government, strong national defense, pro-life, pro-family. but more importantly those values are also whats best for America and ending the nightmare of the Obama era."

Bauer was also courted by the Romney campaign but has had a long relationship with Santorum. Bauer told me that he decided to endorse because there's a real sense of frustration at the grassroots level that evangelical leaders aren't stepping up and speaking up for candidates. Bauer decided to change that.

He endorsed John McCain in 2008 during the South Carolina Primary and there is some statistical analysis that showed his endorsement helped McCain by about five percent in the polls. McCain won South Carolina by three percentage points over Mike Huckabee.

Bauer emailed CWF members today explaining his endorsement:

My intention had been to avoid an endorsement this cycle. But in recent days it has become obvious that conservative voters are deeply divided about who should carry the banner for our values into the 2012 election. I have been receiving an increasing number of questions from our grassroots supporters around the country seeking guidance on which candidate they should support. I feel it is imperative that I take the lead now.

As you know, I believe virtually all of these candidates are men who would be fantastic presidents. My endorsement of Rick Santorum is in no way meant to be critical of the others. But I believe Santorum can best articulate the Reagan conservatism that has defined my political life and holds the best hope for the future our children and grandchildren will inherit. Rick Santorum is unambiguously pro-life and pro-family.

The election of our next president in 2012 will be the most important election of my generation. Campaign for Working Families will continue to build a war chest to ensure our values prevail in November. I believe the candidate best able to do that is Rick Santorum. But let me assure you that we will deploy our resources for whoever is selected as the nominee.