Wayne Allyn Root: Trump Won The Popular Vote In A Landslide But Appeared To Lose Due To Massive Cheating By Democrats

Right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trumpobsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root appeared on the Financial Survival Network yesterday, where he declared that Trump actually won the 2016 election by millions of votes and only appeared to have lost the popular vote because of massive cheating on the part of Democrats.

Declaring that Trump is wildly popular “among the groups that matter,” Root predicted that he will easily win re-election in 2020 because he has the support of “the people who are important to America.”

“All the makers are on one side, they all support Trump,” he said. “All the takers, who don’t pay anything into the system and want everything free and welfare checks and food stamp checks and free healthcare and free Obamaphones, all of them are on the other side. They hate Trump … Isn’t it significant to note that the people who are important to America, who create all the jobs and pay all the taxes, are all for Trump and the people who are not important to America, who only suck off the system and take out, are all against Trump?”

Later in the broadcast, Root bragged that he told Trump before the election that “you’re going to win by ten—which is a landslide in America, nowadays, a landslide—but it’s going to look like you won by one because they cheat nine.”

“And that’s exactly what happened!” Root screeched. “He did win by one or two or three, he didn’t lose by one or two, because they cheated! Not only did they cheat a little, they cheated a lot. Millions of illegals voted; I’m sure that’s where Donald got his comment that millions of illegals voted because I’ve written about so many times. Here in Nevada, they bring in buses from California filled with illegals who vote in both states. Do you understand how bad this is? This is just massive corruption on a massive scale, a total conspiracy.”

Root, of course, didn’t offer a single piece of evidence to support his bogus claim that “millions of illegals” voted in the election.