Wayne Allyn Root Thinks He’s Uncovered Undeniable Proof of George Soros’ ‘Treason’

Right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trumpobsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root unleashed a rant on his Newsmax TV program last night in which he called for George Soros to be arrested and imprisoned for treason for supposedly funding the caravan of Central American migrants that is headed toward the United States, as well as for supposedly encouraging undocumented immigrants to illegally vote in Nevada’s upcoming midterm elections.

Root claimed that he has been receiving “nonstop” text messages on his phone “from Democrat volunteers, from the Center for Progress, and from Jacky Rosen’s campaign for U.S. Senate in Nevada” that have allegedly been urging undocumented immigrants to vote multiple times in next month’s election.

“They say, ‘Eff Donald Trump,’ they say, ‘Eff Dean Heller,’ our United States senator,” Root claimed. “They say, ‘Vote early and often. Vote now during early voting and vote again during the election’ … They say, ‘Trump is the worst guy in the world, Trump is the Antichrist, Trump wants to kill Mexicans, Trump murders Mexicans, he will deport you or murder you if you re-elect Dean Heller.'”

“We can all guess George Soros is behind the caravan,” Root continued. “George Soros is also behind Jacky Rosen.”

“The people in the caravan have rehearsed a script and what they’re saying is Donald Trump is the Antichrist and he’s going to hell,” Root said. “Those are the same words they used in the text to me that are supposed to be going to illegal aliens, clearly, in the state of Nevada. They want them to vote, they want them to vote multiple times, illegally multiple times, and they said, ‘Trump’s the Antichrist and he’s going to hell.’ These are the same words from Soros and from Soros.”

“This man should be arrested for treason,” Root declared. “He should serve out the rest of his life in prison. He has committed treason, he’s a traitor to the United States.”

“This caravan is backed by him,” he added. “Now we know it. The same words that are being used in texts by the Democratic Party in Nevada are being used by people who are illegals, hordes of foreign illegals—criminals, gang-bangers, rapists, murderers and ISIS terrorists all mixed together, not to mention drug mules, drug traffickers, child traffickers. How about the women who are with kids? Those are human shields. Eighty percent of the caravan is proven to be military-age males, and they’ve got a few women and kids with ’em who might be, by the way, kidnapped. The children might be sex victims, the women might be raped every night and they’re doing this at gunpoint.”