Trump’s ‘Prophets’: ‘We Are at War’ with Satanic Opponents of Trump, his Wall and his Divine Destiny

POTUS Shield's Frank Amedia. (Image from video message.)

A group of Trump-supporting “prophets” rallied prayer warriors last Thursday night to defend Trump’s push for a wall on the Southern border, denouncing his political opponents and media critics as demonic forces out to undermine God’s plan for the nation.

The conference call was hosted by Frank Amedia, a Trump campaign adviser who created—at God’s instruction, he says—POTUS Shield, a “prophetic” network conceived to wage spiritual warfare on behalf of Trump and his supposedly divine mission to shift the U.S. Supreme Court to the right. The call, which lasted more than an hour, was held the night before Trump agreed to sign legislation re-opening the federal government for three weeks while negotiations continue on border security funding.

On the call, Amedia and other speakers portrayed the gridlock and partial government shutdown as part of a nefarious strategy to not only destroy Trump’s presidency but also to strip the nation of its identity and sovereignty. Jerry Boykin, a retired general who is both executive vice president of the Family Research Council and a member of the POTUS Shield council, spoke on the call and said he had been at a meeting with Trump the day before and said the president “is not going to back down.”

Boykin called opposition to Trump—reflected in the “hatred” he said was “spewed” toward the MAGA-hat-wearing Catholic school boys whose interactions with a Native American elder provoked intense controversy on social media— “diabolical” and “spiritual to the nth degree.” Boykin said the government shutdown was terrible and that it would require the Lord himself to intervene to end it.

Also on the call was “prophet” Cindy Jacobs, who railed against the powers of darkness she said have become entrenched in the U.S. Jacobs, having just come off a 21-day liquid-only fast, said she was really feeling her prophetic authority. She said that many people had prophesied that Trump was a Nehemiah, a biblical wall-builder:

We do know that God is the God of nations, and the powers of darkness have been so entrenched in this nation so long that they’re absolutely furious. I mean, the heavens are violent over America right now, and the enemy wants to totally overthrow anything godly. …

There is a spirit in the heavens that’s laughing and has become entrenched and believes it can work against anything godly and righteous. …

Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank you in the court of heaven, that you are declaring and decreeing this spirit behind the progressive movement, behind the socialist movement that’s coming into this country, and that the spirits that are aligning themselves to stonewall the agenda that God has given our president. So we bind that political spirit and we say, ‘We bind, muzzle and gag you, you will not be successful. You will not be able to stop this Nehemiah.’

She prayed to bind the demonic spirits that are mocking Trump in “the liberal press,” as there were those, according to the Bible, that mocked Nehemiah.

Jacobs also said that God had reminded her who has behind the spirit of globalization:

Finally, I was asking the Lord, what is the spirit behind globalization? And the Lord just really reminded me that Satan wants to bring a one-world government too soon, before the will of God can be done, and be fulfilled for our nation. And behind that is the spirit of Antichrist.

So Father, I just bind that spirit of Antichrist. And I say, in the name of Jesus, you will not take our borders. It is not a time for the globalization and the things that are going to happen one day.

So you Antichrist spirit, we say you’re illegal. We say that this is not your time, and you cannot have this nation. And Father God, we ask you, Lord, to station angels around our borders, completely, to keep us safe, and give wisdom to this president. We bind any powers of darkness that were trying to torment his mind and take away peace from him, or try to cause him to make a mistake.

Amedia declared that God had revealed to him that there is a spirit of anarchy “manifesting itself through the progressives and through the Speaker Pelosi, and it’s trying to paralyze this country into a political disorder, which is a state of lawlessness, and we want to bind that spirit right now, in Jesus’ name, too.”

Also on the call to repeat administration talking points on immigration, Trump’s wall, abortion and other issues were anti-abortion activist Alveda King, conservative Hispanic activist Mark Gonzales, and anti-LGBTQ activist Harry Jackson, who bragged about the number of people who have viewed a recent video he did for The Daily Caller calling Trump’s wall “the Christian thing to do.”

Jackson and others also complained about a new law in New York state protecting abortion rights, saying “there’s a war going on.”

“[W]e’re not gonna let there be a resurrection of the culture of death,” Jackson declared. Quoting Alexis de Tocqueville about America’s goodness and greatness, Jackson that that “the unified moral code offered by Christianity” in prior times “was something that gave us something to aspire toward.”

“America was still lynching black people, it was still decimating Native Americans,” he said. “We had all kinds of problems going on all throughout our history. But there was a standard by which we aspired to live. The best, the brightest, and bravest of us tried to live up to the standard of freedom and biblical truth.”

In contrast, he said, religious pluralism is a problem in today’s America:

What’s happening now in our political system is that we have, on the Democratic side, many, many people who are not Christian in office, and that’s a problem because the easy unity is not possible if you have divergent philosophies. It’s almost as though there’s an anti-Christian approach. It’s really not just anti-Christian. It is what I’m gonna call the secularization of our society.

And essentially, many, many people—half the nation—is saying, ‘we want anything but Christianity because we feel like you’re too powerful and your thoughts should not dominate the culture.’ So the easiest unity in the past was Christian common thinking based on the word of God and the moral code.

So we lose the avenue, through Christianity, of easy lawmaking. … All [that] laws are is a declaration of the common morality of a group of people. That’s what laws are. So we can’t come together and have legislation, create new laws, because we have disparate world views in operation.

The spiritual impact of that pluralism, Jackson said, goes even deeper. America had enjoyed God’s blessing and a hedge of spiritual protection based on its obedience to the moral law of the Bible, he said. But now, “the anarchistic spirit of the devil is trying to break the unity down within our community.”

We’re at war. Remember when Israel came into the promised land, they were told, God said, ‘I’m going to let the land be possessed by you bit by bit’—in a sense, I’m paraphrasing: When you’re able to hold the land, I’ll drive out the enemies before you.

The call to this kind of warfare is a call to conquest. The holy wars of the Bible were not wars in the name of religion. They were wars, amplified by the power of God, reinforced by angelic authority, and the manifestation of supernatural hailstones, sun-stopping, God causing a wall to fall down at the sound of praise. We are on the verge of a major victory. It’s not kind to stop fighting now.

Amedia asked Herman Martir, a conservative Asian American activist and member of the POTUS Shield council, to deal with “exposing the agenda of the media, which is against the will of God, essentially.”

Martir decried what he called “the systematic plan of the enemy to discredit the people of God and the president.” He claimed there is a “demonic narrative” of character assassination and “unholy propaganda,” a “demolition agenda against the president and the people of God.”

I know there’s power in united prayer and fasting and I just, I was praying the other day, and I know this is about God’s destiny for America. It is the devil’s plan to destroy the destiny of our nation and the mandate that God has given the president to accomplish that.

He said he talked to people working on Trump’s 2020 campaign; they told him that Trump’s opponents and the media are “spreading lies” among minority groups and “deceiving people to believe that the president is against minorities.”

Martir asked all those listening on the call to “pray in the spirit that God would just break this demonic agenda over our nation” and asked God to take authority over the airwaves so that God’s kingdom can be established in America. He declared that Trump will not only complete his term but will win in 2020 because “this is the agenda of God for this nation.”

While the call was more focused on the immediate battle over the wall and the government shutdown, the Supreme Court was not forgotten. Amedia repeated his assertion that God had promised three new Supreme Court justices in the first part of Trump’s presidency. Amedia said it’s important to continue praying for that promise to be fulfilled, because Chief Justice John Roberts is not, in his opinion, conservatively—a complaint he has made before.

Boykin echoed Amedia’s belief that Trump would get another opportunity to nominate a Supreme Court justice soon, saying he can’t imagine that Ruth Bader Ginsburg can remain on the court much longer.

Boykin celebrated a recent court decision that will allow the Trump administration’s ban on transgender people serving in the military to go into effect.