Harry Jackson Says Building Trump’s Border Wall is the ‘Christian Thing to Do’

Bishop Harry Jackson appeared in a video published by The Daily Caller on January 15, 2019.

President Trump has given the Religious Right just about everything they’ve asked for; now the White House is asking Religious Right leaders to give their public blessing to Trump’s willingness to shut down the government unless Congress gives in to his demand for billions in border wall funds.

We noted last week that Religious Right leaders were rallying around President Trump; since then the White House has continued to ask for public support.

CBN reported last week that Vice President Mike Pence held a conference call with more than 200 faith leaders to rally support for Trump’s demands for wall funding. And this week, “prophetic” Trump supporter Rick Joyner said in a Facebook live message that he and other faith leaders were part of a call with Trump himself on Tuesday.

Joyner used his video message to tell people that Trump is “energized” and “absolutely resolute” and said the White House is “absolutely not gonna quit.”

Joyner told viewers that in 1987 he had a two-and-a-half-day prophetic experience, during which one of the things he was “shown” was “a hot war along our southern border.”

“And we’re kinda headed there,” Joyner added, saying Trump is right to threaten to cut off funding for foreign governments who are supporting migrants heading toward the U.S.

Joyner contrasted Trump’s “devotion” to the protection of Americans to the actions of Democrats, who he said “fight only for political reasons.”

Among others answering the call is Harry Jackson, a member of the Trump-supporting “prophetic” network POTUS Shield. Jackson hosted a day-long event the day before November’s mid-term elections at which people prayed for conservative candidates to carry the day. On Wednesday, the Daily Caller published video snippets of an interview with Jackson under the headline, “An Evangelical Leader Explains Why Building Trump’s Wall is ‘The Christian Thing To Do.’

In the five-and-a-half minute video, Jackson calls Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “very big hypocrites” and says they should be “ashamed of themselves, that they would dare take into their mouths, claims of someone being immoral when it feels like they’re pandering to folks just for a vote.”

Jackson said explicitly that a border wall is not immoral or anti-Christian, calling it “theologically and biblically ignorant” to suggest that God didn’t create borders. “In the promised land, God assigned people to specific plots of land,” said Jackson.

Jackson denounced administration opponents and the “many progressives” who he said “want to assault people, call them names, but without having a framework with which they evaluate true morality.”

America, said Jackson, is in “a place of moral free fall.” He cited the example of ancient Israel in saying that it’s OK for Americans to expect people entering the United States to “hold up our morality, our vision, our view”:

“The America today has got to really ask itself this question: What are American values? What do we want to promote? And are we willing to challenge anyone who wants to be a part of this great idea of America to follow the principles that have made us great, and to perpetuate a society that has freedoms, that has safety, and that has economic prosperity that is unparalleled in the world.”

Yesterday the American Family Association weighed in with a press release claiming that 90 percent of AFA supporters want Trump to continue the shutdown to “force Congress to fund the border wall.”