Lance Wallnau: ‘God Put A Pause Button On The Destruction Of America’ With Trump’s Election

Last night, Donald Trumploving right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau posted a video on his Facebook page in which he declared that God used Trump’s election to “disrupt” the demonic principalities that control “the global world order” and halt the imminent destruction of America.

“God wants to restore the boundaries of nations and strengthen the church,” Wallnau said. “We’re literally at a time where God said, ‘The church isn’t ready yet’ and, boom, hit the clock and stopped [the countdown to destruction]. Trump’s election was what you would call a disruption of the global world order—I’m talking European principalities and powers all the way through the Middle East, all the way to China, at every level of second heaven where Satan has a hierarchy, Trump literally became the world event that interrupted principalities.”

“You need to understand that God put a pause button on the destruction of America” with Trump’s election, Wallnau explained. “God wants us to be able to engage the navigation over this nation and it’s beginning now. I believe within the next 12 to 16 months, we’re going to see this midterm election thing, it’s going to be a crescendo. By the time that that election happens, the people of God are going to be in their reorganized units, tribes and alignments because America needs to church to be awake. That’s what shifted the election and that’s what’s going to shift our course for the future.”