Trump Cabinet Bible Study Leader Prays ‘Justice Kavanaugh’ Will Invite Him to Lead SCOTUS Sessions

Ralph Drollinger, a pastor who runs weekly Bible study meetings for members of Trump’s cabinet and members of the House and Senate, suggested today that Brett Kavanaugh might start attending the cabinet members’ study or even start one in the Supreme Court if he is confirmed. Drollinger teaches that the Bible mandates right-wing economic and social policies, positions he lays out in written weekly Bible studies that supplement his in-person gatherings.

Drollinger was speaking at a day-long “National Prayer Assembly” that Religious Right leaders held in Washington, D.C. The event was broadcast live on the Facebook page of Intercessors for America.

Drollinger told participants that this week is a “watershed moment” in returning America to righteousness. He said that Alex Azar, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services and a participant in Drollinger’s Bible studies, is “really good friends with Justice Kavanaugh.”

“And he says, ‘When Justice Kavanaugh gets appointed, either we’ll have him here to the cabinet Bible study or he’ll want to start one in SCOTUS.’ So pray that that would happen, of all places, at the Supreme Court.”

Kavanaugh, who is Catholic, might not be so enthusiastic if he learns that Drollinger, who has little apparent patience for Christians who have different interpretations of scripture than he does, has called the Catholic Church “the world’s largest false religion.”

Drollinger’s Capitol Ministries has aggressive expansion plans both within the US, where it wants to have Bible studies promoting Drollinger’s biblical worldview in every state capital and every local level of government, and around the world.

Drollinger was a guest on Intercessors for America’s monthly prayer calls earlier this year. He urged participants to pray that cabinet members would use their platforms to fulfill the Great Commission—“to make disciples of all nations.”