Tim Wildmon: We ‘Avoided Catastrophe’ By Electing Trump Because Clinton Was Ready To Criminalize Christianity

The American Family Association posted a video today in which AFA president Tim Wildmon declared that this nation “avoided catastrophe” by electing Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton was prepared to use the power of the federal government to “criminalize” Christianity.

Speaking with his son Walker and AFA’s executive vice president Ed Vitagliano, Wildmon asserted that had Clinton won the presidential election, “the attacks on the Christian community would have gotten more intense.” Vitagliano agreed, saying that “President Hillary Clinton would have fully weaponized the federal government to come after Christians.”

“The secular progressive movement,” Wildmon said, “they have a contempt for especially conservative Christians and I think with the election of Donald Trump, we avoided catastrophe … I think that the secular progressive movement and the power of the federal government, especially the executive branch, was ready to really penalize and criminalize, who knows, Christianity in America, and we avoided that.”