Tim Wildmon: ‘Secular Progressives’ Hate Freedom

While hosting a “Pray and Vote” broadcast on Tuesday night, the American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon and Ed Vitagliano portrayed the presidential election as a battle between the forces of secularism and traditional American values.

Calling the upcoming election “the single most important election since 1860,” Vitagliano warned that the country “is just as divided” as before the Civil War “and the direction could be either one way, secular progressivism will control our nation, or we will at least begin taking steps towards the ideals of our founders and returning to the worldview expressed in the Judeo-Christian religious tradition.”

Later, Wildmon warned that adherents of “secular humanism” and “secular progressivism” are people who “hate God,” “hate righteousness,” “hate life” and “hate freedom,” describing the election as part of a larger spiritual battle within the nation.