Tim Wildmon Says Move To Repeal HB2 Is ‘Anti-God And It’s Anti-Morality’

On the “Today’s Issues” radio program this morning, American Family Association president Tim Wildmon interviewed Religious Right activist David Benhman about his contention that the move by the North Carolina legislature to repeal its anti-LGBT law, HB2, is nothing more than a “political shakedown” designed to persecute Christians.

Wildmon agreed and voiced his outrage that elected leaders in places like Charlotte would ever pass nondiscrimination ordinances in the first place, saying that they did so solely because they “wanted to force” women and girls to share restroom and locker room facilities with men.

“For people who don’t want men going into women’s restrooms and changing areas, that is not bigoted, that is not homophobic, that is not hateful!” a riled up Wildmon fumed as he declared that the repeal effort is “anti-God and it’s anti-morality. The bigger picture is it’s a continuation of the politics of sexual deviancy. They’re wanting to, little by little, do away with the Christian moral values system as it relates to human sexuality.”