Tim Wildmon: Hillary Clinton Would Have Used The Government To Run Christian Broadcasters Out Of Business

The American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon continues to insist that America “avoided catastrophe” by electing Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton because Clinton was fully prepared to use the power of the federal government to shut down Christian radio stations all over the country.

While speaking with Jerry Johnson of National Religious Broadcasters earlier this week on his “Today’s Issues” radio program, Wildmon declared that Clinton “represents an ideology, a worldview, if you will, called secular progressivism” whose adherents “cannot stand Christians, in particular conservative Christians” and she was therefore just itching to use the power of the government to run Christians out of business.

Wildmon asserted that “within a couple of years” of taking office, Clinton would have used the FCC to force conservative Christian broadcasters to stop talking about Islam or LGBT issues or be stripped of their broadcasting licenses.

“That kind of thing was on the verge of happening,” Wildmon insisted. Johnson agreed, saying that he was “certain” that would have happened under a Clinton presidency.

“There is no doubt about it,” Johnson said. “That is where it was all headed, but thankfully I think we’ve escaped that, we’ve bought some time.”

Johnson and Wildmon likewise agreed that Clinton would have also used the IRS to strip Christian organizations of their tax-exempt status but, by electing Trump, “we’ve escaped a bullet.”