The Daily Wire: ‘Slaughtering and Raping People’ is ‘Very Spiritual for the Muslim’

Ben Shapiro’s outlet The Daily Wire published a video today in which Andrew Klavan, a prominent voice at the site, lied about Islam to claim that Muslims perceive “killing and raping people” to be a spiritual tenet of their religion.

The Daily Wire published a video today called “Leftese Dictionary: J is for Jihad.” The video is part of a series that Klavan has dedicated to deriding the way liberals idealize concepts like diversity, intersectionality, and equality. The installment of the series posted today portrayed the Muslim religion and Jihad, a term the BBC has defined as a way Muslims describe either an internal struggle within a Muslim believer, a struggle to create a wholesome Muslim society, or, in rarer instances, a holy war. But to Klavan, the only thing Jihad means is “killing and raping people.”

“A proper reading of the Quran reveals that Jihad is a spiritual struggle during which a Muslim attempts to rise to a higher plane of consciousness by slaughtering unbelievers, raping their women, taking over their civilizations, and persecuting and oppressing them until they’re all dead. Thus, to oppose Jihad is to thwart the spiritual development of a religious believer,” Klavan says in the video.

Klavan adds that “almost all” references to Jihad in the Quran “refer to waging war against unbelievers. But it’s a metaphor for spiritual struggle, with a lot of severed heads and wailing women and so forth—but only in a metaphorical, spiritual sense.”

“If it weren’t sacred, it would not be called ‘religion’ but something else like ‘killing and raping people.’ Then, you would be able to oppose it,” he says. “But as long as it’s called religion, you must submit to being killed and raped. That’s in the constitution. And lest any foul Jews or Christians go around feeling superior to anybody, just remember the Bible has lots of ugly things in it too, like when Jesus went on the crusades and murdered gay people or when the Jews conquered Canaan and then became big-shot doctors and charged everyone an arm and a leg just for a lousy check-up.”

Klavan concluded, “So really, when you think about it, it’s Jews and Christians who are the evil ones, and Muslims who are nice except for the whole Jihad slaughtering and raping people thing, which is very spiritual for the Muslim. For everyone else, it’s just being killed and raped, also known as Jihad.”

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the Quebec City mosque shooter had consumed a steady diet of anti-Muslim right-wing media, including from The Daily Wire, before shooting and killing six Muslim people after he saw reports that Canada would accept more refugees in the country.