Dave Daubenmire: Public Schools Are Engaged In ‘The Spiritual Raping Of Children’

Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire dedicated his “Pass The Salt Live’ webcast yesterday to railing against Christian parents who allow their children to attend public schools, which he said teach that “homosexuality is normal” and are engaged in the “spiritual rape” of children on a daily basis.

“The Christian education of children is paramount to a culture,” he declared, “but what’s going on is the raping, the spiritual raping of children … We are having spiritual rape take place right in front of us and the churches don’t even recognize it and aren’t doing anything to alter it.”

“It’s better for you to put a millstone around your neck, I say, than to allow your children to be taught that homosexuality is normal,” Daubenmire continued, “and that two men can get married and two women can get married. To expose that to [children,] I don’t know if there is anything more wicked; that’s rape, that is spiritual rape.”