Steven Crowder Says Girls In The Boy Scouts Are ‘Appropriating’ ‘Male Culture’

Steven Crowder, a CRTV host, complained that allowing girls to join the Boy Scouts of America is “cultural appropriation” of what he insists is “male culture.”

Molyneux joined Steven Crowder on his CRTV program last week to provide his take on the news that the Boy Scouts of America organization would rebrand to reflect its decision to admit girls into its namesake program for older participants. Molyneux mourned the decision, asserting that certain personality traits aggregate toward different genders and said that “to imagine this is just going to vanish” is naïve.

“This is the whole thing that the left generally does, is they say human nature is a complete blank slate, we can wipe it clean and we can deduct, design a society based upon ideology rather than on biology, which is kind of funny because they tend to be rather secular and very much into Darwin,” Molyneux said. “Darwin would say, of course, that men and women have evolved for different roles.”

He then compared this with communism in Soviet Russia.

“They tried this in the Soviet Union, right, where they say that we’re going to design a system that doesn’t rely on human’s desire for profit and it’s like, ‘Well, we kind of need that to have a system that’s going to function.’ This idea that you can just scrub 200,000 years of evolution free, or billions of years of evolution going further back, that you can just scrub all of that away and just design things through scratch, it is a fantasy and it doesn’t work,” Molyneux said.

Crowder chimed in with his own spin, accusing women of “cultural appropriation” of the Boy Scouts.

“There have been cultural norms like the Boy Scouts for men. They are Boy Scouts. … How is it not cultural appropriation for women to say, by the way, we’re now going into Boy Scouts? That’s a part of male culture and you’re appropriating it,” Crowder said.