Tony Perkins: Our Culture ‘Has Been Emasculated By Feminists And By The Left,’ Endangering Western Civilization

Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, joined “Breitbart News Daily” this morning, where he told host Alex Marlow that the Boy Scouts’ recent decision to allow transgender boys to join troops and policies allowing LGBT people to serve in the military are evidence that American culture “has been emasculated by the feminists and by the left,” to the detriment of western civilization.

Perkins told Marlow that the Boy Scouts of America was “designed, initially, to turn boys into men so that they could defend the country” but that “in this almost emasculated culture in which we live, that’s a thing of another era.”

He added that “those driving this agenda have an insatiable desire to radically transform America” and the Boy Scouts’ recent move “shows that this agenda is insatiable” and “cannot be appeased.”

When Marlow pointed to a much-ridiculed long-standing Boy Scouts policy banning water gun fights, which he blamed on an “attack from the left,” Perkins tied it all back to “the emasculation of manhood in our culture” and the downfall of western civilization.

“It goes back to the emasculation of manhood in our culture,” he said. “Now, I know that’s politically incorrect, but look, what has preserved western civilization? It is an understanding of manhood and masculinity. Of course, we see that even now moving into our nation’s military.”

Perkins said that he’s hopeful that Defense Secretary James Mattis will ignore “social stuff” in the military and instead focus on creating a fearsome “fighting force.”

“Essentially that’s what our military needs to be about,” he said, “but in a culture that has been emasculated by the feminists and by the left, it’s going to be hard to resurrect that idea of masculinity and the idea that, you know, some things are worth fighting for.”