Janet Mefferd Criticizes Media For Not Interrogating Obama About Being A Boy Scout

On her radio program yesterday, Religious Right broadcaster Janet Mefferd tried to defend the speech that Donald Trump delivered at the Boy Scout Jamboree earlier this week by bizarrely suggesting that former president Barack Obama lied about being a Boy Scout throughout his childhood in Indonesia.

Mefferd was outraged by articles about Trump’s speech that mentioned that Obama was a member of an Indonesian equivalent of the Boy Scouts as a child, expressing disbelief that he would have been involved with such an organization amidst “all the communist influence” and the influence of “his mother and Frank Marshall Davis.”

“Don’t you find that a little strange?” she said. “I’m not saying that it isn’t true, there are other people who are now saying that he was a Boy Scout in Jakarta. I just have never heard him say that, have you? Maybe I missed it somewhere along the way, but if that were the case and Obama was a Boy Scout in Indonesia, why didn’t he come to the Jamboree?”

Mefferd then criticized “these news organizations that pride themselves on ‘journalism, journalism, journalism,’” for neglecting to get to the bottom of this important story by interrogating Obama with questions like, “Were you a Boy Scout? Let me see your badges, let me see your uniform—did you save your uniform? Oh, you threw it away. Where were you [as a Boy Scout]? What was your pack number? Where exactly did you meet? What sorts of things did you do?”