Steve Strang: The Firing Of Anthony Scaramucci Is A Sign Of Trump’s Deepening Christian Faith

Charisma magazine’s Steve Strang appeared on Jim Bakker’s program today to promote his forthcoming book, “God And Donald Trump.” During the discussion, Bakker revealed that he is part of President Trump’s faith advisory board and Strang asserted that the firing of short-lived White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci was a sign of Trump’s growing Christian faith.

“Lori and I are on the advisory council,” Bakker said. “We don’t talk about that a whole lot, but he has so many of us … He has so many pastors and preachers on his advisory boards, his spiritual advisory boards, that they all can’t come to meet at one time.”

Strang said that he couldn’t say for sure whether Trump is a Christian because that question is “between him and God, it’s not for all of us to judge him,” but did note that while there were things in Trump’s life “that we don’t approve of, you don’t hear those things in the last 10 years and his language has improved.”

Strang also pointed to the firing of Scaramucci in the wake of a vulgar rant he unloaded on a New Yorker reporter as further evidence of Trump’s deepening faith, asserting that Scaramucci’s termination was a sign that Trump “didn’t want his key people talking like that in public.”