Charisma Relentlessly Promoting ‘God and Trump,’ Which Depicts Trump’s Election as Miracle

Stephen Strang is founder and CEO of Charisma Media

Stephen Strang, whose Charisma media empire relentlessly promoted Donald Trump’s campaign by featuring the voices of those who declared Trump anointed by God, is now relentlessly promoting Strang’s upcoming book, “God and Donald Trump.” A promotional video says the book “explores President Trump’s miraculous victory and what it means for the future of our republic.”

The book won’t be officially out until November 7, but Charisma and its public relations firm Hamilton Strategies have been sending frequent promotional emails for the book since the summer, and promoting it through press releases in the form of articles on the Charisma magazine site.

Charisma has been using current events—such as Trump’s response to hurricane victims and the shooting in Las Vegas and his actions to undermine the Affordable Care Act—as opportunities to praise the president and promote what will clearly be an unabashedly adoring portrayal of Trump.

Here, for example, is a Strang quote about Trump sent in one of the many releases sent by Charisma House:

There is a humility about him we don’t see in the liberal media sound bites. He is still a straight shooter, but his sincerity is far more striking than I would have expected. His answers to my questions revealed a confident, determined man who is truly committed to making America great again through principles that honor God rather than defy Him. After that interview, I understood that Donald Trump believes America remains a great country even though we’ve drifted away from the clear vision of the founders. He possesses an undeniable faith in America, and I realized that a big reason for that is his lifelong faith in God.

An October 16 press release gushed:

Over the past several months, Christian voters have had much to celebrate. From strides in religious liberties protections to bills defending the unborn, some of President Donald Trump’s promised agenda is being realized. And the optimism of those who put him in office is palpable.

That release includes a quote from Strang in which he cites former Trump adviser and POTUS Shield organizer Frank Amedia:

“Could it be that this intersection of God and Donald Trump, or the simultaneous shifts in the United States of America and the kingdom of God, are much more than a random anomaly of coincidental occurrences?” Strang continued. “Is it possible that Donald Trump was raised up suddenly out of the obscurity of the business and entertainment environment with what Frank Amedia called a ‘breaker anointing’ that was activated to make a way for our nation to return to God? Is it the Creator’s plan that the diverse factions of the Christian church be united in a way to take back our country for God?”

A release sent today includes other Strang quotes, including the assertion that “Christians understood that [Trump] alone had the leadership skills and the unwavering persistence to reverse the death spiral of our nation.” Another release this month said that “when Donald Trump makes a promise, he delivers.”

Among the figures cited in Chapter 2 of Strang’s book, which was offered as a free promotional download, are dominionists associated with the New Apostolic Reformation, including Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle, Mike Bickle and Chuck Pierce.

In the chapter, Strang quotes televangelist James Robison, who he says was in frequent contact with Trump during the campaign:

“What happened,” he told me, “is that God overpowered the foolishness of political correctness and the liberal (not just deceived but possessed) Left, which is far too often dead-set against a biblical worldview and against America’s traditional Judeo-Christian ethics. But they were being totally pushed back.”

Christian nationalist political operative David Lane is also helping promote Strang’s book, writing in an October 8 email, “Strang has done Christendom a service by documenting a miracle of God that culminated on that second Tuesday in November.” Lane writes that “Evangelical and Pro-Life Catholic Christians are wholly in his corner, cheering him on as he battles the increasingly totalitarian beast in Washington, D.C.”

Others whose praise for “God and Trump” is being promoted by Charisma include pastor Robert Jeffress, Fox News pundit Todd Starnes, anti-abortion activist Alveda King and former Rep. Michele Bachmann.