Pro-Trump Pastor Hopes Trump Will Usher In The End Times

Darrell Scott, an Ohio pastor who has campaigned with Donald Trump, spoke last week with Charisma editor Steve Strang about why he believes God is guiding Trump’s candidacy.

Scott explained that America isn’t “featured prominently in the Book of Revelations” and does not play a role in the Bible’s account of the End Times war in the Middle East. This means, Scott said, that by the time the Last Days arrive, America will have already been “destroyed,” will have been turned into a reduced power, or will have deliberately decided to withdraw “from the conflict of the Middle East, in other words, we ceased being as active participants in it as we are.”

Such a withdrawal, he said, could take place during a Trump presidency, thus ushering in the apocalyptic battle.

“Having said that,” he said, “and looking at Donald Trump and the way he says that he wants countries to be more self-sufficient—I’m not stating this dogmatically but these are hypotheses that I have—that maybe Donald Trump, if he becomes president, will be the one that lessens America’s involvement in the Middle Eastern conflict.”

“He might be the one God uses to lessen America’s involvement in the Middle Eastern conflict that is to result in this all-out conflagration,” he added.