Softball Couldn’t Turn Dave Daubenmire’s Daughters Into Lesbians Because ‘They Weren’t Cropped-Haired Wide-Bottomed Girls’

Radical Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire had a bit of a meltdown on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning, warning parents to protect their daughters against the “homo bait” that seeks to recruit women into lesbianism through athletics.

Reacting to claims by a former WNBA player who says that she was discriminated against for being straight, Daubenmire said that he kept a close eye on his own daughters when they played college softball because he knows that “lesbians recruit.”

“Every time I’d go to the ball games, I kept an eye on my daughters to see if they’d taken the homo bait yet,” he said. “And they hadn’t. They didn’t have to because they weren’t cropped-haired wide-bottomed girls. They were pretty girls, godly women, they didn’t take the bait.”

“If your daughters are good athletes,” Daubenmire warned parents, “you better cover them in prayer because the recruiting that goes on, the pressure that goes on to be ‘one of the girls’ is enormous.”

Later in the broadcast, Daubenmire began screaming that “two men laying in bed having sex, it ain’t equal with my wife and I and the covenant of marriage.”

“That ain’t equal,” he declared, “because if two men having sex is equal, then soon it will be a man and a dog having sex.”

“We are in a war,” Daubenmire screamed, “and the homosexual agenda is out to recruit your grandchild. That’s why they’re teaching it in the schools, that’s why they’re teaching it in the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts and Disney and everywhere you look they are trying to recruit. They have to recruit, they can’t reproduce!”