Shane Vaughn Says Obama Became President Because He Was Chosen by ‘Demon Powers’

During a livestream broadcast Wednesday night, radical right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn claimed that Barack Obama emerged from relative obscurity to become president only because “demon powers” were operating through him.

Vaughn said that Obama was “the puppet master” behind the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, which he orchestrated because he was personally offended that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

“It is Obama, ladies and gentlemen, that is the puppet master of it all,” Vaughn said. “Why? Because Donald Trump did not defeat Hillary Clinton; he defeated Barack Obama. This is personal. Hillary Clinton was nothing but his protege; she was an extension of him and his presidency, just like Joe Biden is. Trump beat Barack Obama twice because nobody likes you, Barack.”

“Have you all ever thought about Barack Obama?” Vaughn continued. “Come out of nowhere. Nobody even knew the man. He never even led a Boy Scout troop. He literally came out of an inconsequential Senate seat over in Chicago, I believe. Nobody even knew the man. And all of a sudden, he’s the puppet master in America. Why? Because demon powers choose these people to operate through them.”