Sebastian Gorka: Conspiracy to Topple Trump ‘Makes Watergate Look Like a Non-Event’

(Photo: Jared Holt)

Former White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka told Breitbart News radio listeners last weekend that they were witnessing a secret intelligence community operation to undermine President Donald Trump that was supposedly so scandalous that it would make the Watergate scandal that removed Richard Nixon from high office “look like a non-event.”

During his appearance on Breitbart’s weekend radio program, Gorka made repeated references to a conspiracy theory dubbed the “insurance policy,” which has engulfed the pro-Trump media apparatus and directly influenced Trump’s decision making in office. The conspiracy theories bundled under the “insurance policy” umbrella assert that even before Trump was elected, intelligence officials and Democrats concocted a scheme to impeach Trump should he win the 2016 election. Breitbart political editor Matt Boyle described the supposed effort as “an intelligence operation, a permanent group of people that have worked in the government for decades, that are undermining the duly elected president” and seeking to “essentially nullify the election.”

“This isn’t FISA-gate,” Gorka said. “This isn’t Russia-gate. I call this Obama-gate because there’s no way that the counterintelligence operation Crossfire Hurricane, which was launched by John Brennan and by James Comey, did not occur without the acquiescence, without the green light being given by the last president.”

“Watergate was a bungled burglary that the president and his team tried to cover up. Obama-gate makes Watergate look like a non-event,” Gorka said.