Sebastian Gorka: Trump Deserves A Nobel Peace Prize More Than Obama

Former White House aide Sebastian Gorka said that he believes President Trump is much more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than President Obama in part because he accepted an invitation to speak with North Korea leaders that the three prior administrations have rejected.

In an episode of “The Gorka Briefing” series with The Rebel Media uploaded last weekend, Gorka insisted that there is actually “no chaos in the White House,” despite a steady stream of scandals and resignations, and that he would know because he used to work there. He went on to claim that Trump will work to prevent wars and showered Trump with praise for accepting an invitation to speak with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

“The decision of North Korea to invite, for the first time ever, a sitting American president to come and be engaged in peace talks on the peninsula and to help denuclearize that situation is second only to the crushing of the caliphate of ISIS,” Gorka said, conveniently leaving out the fact that every president since Bill Clinton has been offered and has declined opportunities to speak with North Korean leadership.

Gorka also praised Trump’s widely criticized tariff proposals on steel and his taunting of the North Korean dictator on Twitter before suggesting that Donald Trump deserved a Nobel Peace Prize more than the Obama, who received the award in 2009 for his plans to scale down American military operations abroad.

“Think of the irony—just the absurdity—of Barack Obama being given a Nobel Peace prize, given the chaos he helped create in the Middle East and Asia and in Europe,” Gorka said.

“Who do you think deserves a peace prize more? The man who basically ignored Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, facilitated the mullahs in Iran, appeased North Korea and China, and celebrated the Muslim Brotherhood, or a man who has helped with, of course, the American armed forces, crushed ISIS in the Middle East, revitalized NATO, reassured our allies in Asia and may—if there is fruit from these negotiations—may bring peace to the Korean peninsula after more than 60 year?” Gorka asked views. “I’ll let you decide.”

In the video description posted to Rebel Media’s site, however, it seemed the decision had already been made: “The answer is clear.”