Sebastian Gorka: Obama Was The Divider, Trump Is The Uniter

Dr. Sebastian Gorka speaks at the International Special Training Centre's Military Assistance Course, Pfullendorf, Germany, May 14, 2015. (Photo by 7th Army Training Command via Flickr)

Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka fought back last week against former President George W. Bush’s thinly veiled attacks on President Trump in a recent speech, telling EWTN host Raymond Arroyo that while Bush criticized the current climate of “conspiracy theories” and “bigotry,” it was in fact President Obama who “drove the division” in America.

“We just came out of eight years in which the White House drove the division,” Gorka said. “They looked at us solely based upon our skin color, our ethnic background, our sexual preference, our social class. None of this applies to the president.”

“There isn’t a racist bone in President Trump’s body,” he added,  “and if you go to the Trump rallies, these aren’t people who divide us, these are people who want to come together. So I’m very disappointed in former President Bush.”