Scott Lively: Kavanaugh Confirmation Doesn’t Really Matter Because We’re Living in the End Times

Scott Lively, a Trumploving radical anti-LGBTQ activist who recently ran for governor in Massachusetts, appeared on Cliff Kincaid’s “USA Survival” program today, where he dismissed the significance of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court on the grounds that the world is now living in the End Times.

Lively said that while he is pleased with Kavanaugh’s confirmation, he expects the new justice to vote along the lines of Anthony Kennedy, for whom he clerked and who he has now replaced on the Supreme Court, so nothing has really changed.

“It has been the Supreme Court all along that has stopped the conservative movement, or prevented the conservative movement from stopping the Marxist agenda,” Lively said. “I think that the elites have control of the Supreme Court and I actually don’t think that we’re going to see a reversal in the future. I think that this is literally an End Times scenario.”

“The world is descending into an anti-Christ mentality,” he added. “We have had a reprieve, to an extent, with President Trump from that and he’s doing a lot of things that I like, but at the same time, the powers of the deep state, they haven’t disappeared. You can see by the way the LGBT agenda is being pushed around the world, even under Trump, that that’s who holds the power.”