Sandy Rios: Liberal Immigration Policies Used To ‘Dilute The Population,’ Usher In Socialism

Sandy Rios mingles with fans at CPAC 2018. (Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

Religious Right radio host Sandy Rios told listeners yesterday that Democrats have advocated for liberal immigration policies as part of a secret master plan to “overwhelm the American patriots who are in this country who will never vote for socialism” and gain more power for themselves.

“Of course, the excuse they gave was—this was certainly perfected under Barack Obama’s administration—that the reason we’ve only allowed this small set of immigrants with these harsh restrictions was because we were racist and we didn’t want brown people here,” Rios said. “So now we must open immigration and our borders, really, to third-world countries to show that we are in fact not a racist society. But of course, their end game was not that.”

She explained, “As usual, they use the racist rhetoric in order to advance their political cause, which means bring in more people, which they shower with benefits at the border, with Obama phones, with—you fill in the blank.”

Speaking as if she held the viewpoint she believes is commonplace among Democrats, Rios said, “We will create more voters and we will overwhelm the American patriots who are in this country who will never vote for socialism, which is what we want, and will never give us the control that we want and so we’re going to dilute the population. We’re going to bring in more voters and then we will gain more control.”