Sandy Rios Defends Rob Porter: ‘I Don’t Think You Can Trust Women Now When They Say They’re Being Abused’

American Family Association official and American Family Radio host Sandy Rios defended former Trump administration official Rob Porter against allegations that he physically abused his two ex-wives and said she just doesn’t “think you can trust women now when they say they’re being abused.”

During today’s episode of “Sandy Rios in the Morning,” Rios defended former White House aide Rob Porter against allegations by his two ex-wives that Porter displayed violent outbursts that included physically harming them and destroying property. Rios said she didn’t think the allegations against Porter were particularly damning since people who are married often get “emotional and volatile.”

“I just don’t think you can trust women now when they say they’re being abused,” Rios said. “I have a total mistrust. We saw this happen with Justice [Roy] Moore. I understand there are abusive relationships, but on a scale of one to 10 there’s a lot of variance, is there not?” Rios said.

She continued, “I think, you know, when people are in marriages and love relationships, they get very emotional and volatile. I could see, you know, men—not hitting. I never can think of an excuse for a man to hit a woman, but hitting their fists, knocking in a door—this is what men do when they’re mad. So I don’t think that in itself is some kind of proof of some horrible abuse.”