Sandy Rios: Liberals In Hawaii May Have Orchestrated False Missile Alert

Religious Right radio host Sandy Rios told listeners this morning that “one just has to ask” whether the false alert sent to Hawaii residents warning of a ballistic missile strike could be blamed on the state’s liberal politicians who may want to “depress the response of the people of Hawaii in case of some sort of an attack.”

Today on “Sandy Rios in the Morning,” Rios began the show by weighing in on news that the Hawaii government issued a false alarm to the state’s residents on Saturday warning of a “ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii.” While discussing the event, Rios brought up the fact that Hawaii is largely controlled by Democrats and went on to wonder whether those politicians had a role in staging the false alert as part of a larger conspiracy.

“Hawaii is so far to the left, it’s amazing. I saw a report on Hawaii during the election cycle and I have to say, I was alarmed by the—you know Hawaii’s laid back, that’s why people like to go out there—but the saturation of marijuana use on the streets, people, and they, ‘Hey man, it’s whatever’—it’s just, it’s an amazing thing for an American state,” Rios said.

“Hawaii is controlled by left-wing Democrats,” she continued, “and so one just has to ask the question: Has somebody on the inside there [been] trying to depress the response of the people of Hawaii in case of some sort of an attack? Is there someone somewhere trying to dull them to some kind of a piqued response or a strong response? Is somebody messing with this? Is this a set-up? I mean, that’s what goes through your mind.”