Sandy Rios Downplays Roy Moore Allegations: What Man Doesn’t Have Something He’s ‘Ashamed Of Sexually’?

Religious Right radio host and American Family Association official Sandy Rios attempted today to downplay reports that Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore made romantic advances toward teenagers and molested a 14-year-old girl while in his 30s by implying that most men Moore’s age have things in their pasts that they are “ashamed of sexually.”

On her radio program this morning, Rios attempted to downplay and discredit accusations levied against Moore, questioning whether any of her male listeners did not have some shame over a past sexual act.

“Honestly, do you think there’s a person alive on the planet—certainly, I’ll limit it a little bit, I will say any man listening to my voice—that doesn’t have something in his past, in his box of secrets, that he’s ashamed of sexually?” Rios asked. “Especially, let’s just say, beginning in the ‘60s.”

“Where did we get to point where the standard for Christians is that there is never been anything ever? That they’ve lived a perfect life?” Rios said. “I just don’t understand that.”