Roy Moore Says He Would Use Military Force To Stop Illegal Immigration

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who is facing Sen. Luther Strange in the state’s Republican primary runoff tomorrow, told Religious Right radio host Sandy Rios that he would support using military force to stop undocumented immigrants from crossing the southern border of the United States.

During an interview recorded last Friday and aired this morning, Moore responded to a negative ad that accuses him of not supporting a southern border wall and standing with Hillary Clinton instead of President Donald Trump. The ad, paid for Senate Leadership Fund super PAC, run by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s former chief of staff, was described by Politifact as “mostly false.”

“Every ad they’ve run daily, every hour, on every television, on every radio, it’s negative and false accusing me of not standing for a wall,” Moore told Rios. “You know, I want to stop illegal aliens coming across the border. I don’t think we’ve got time right now to sit and wait. They haven’t done anything.”

“I’d put the military down there,” Moore declared.

Moore expanded that if he was president, “this thing would be stopped and then we’ll build a wall.”

Earlier this morning, former presidential advisor Steve Bannon said that voting for Moore was “supporting Donald Trump,” despite the fact that Trump has endorsed and campaigned for Moore’s opponent.