Roy Moore Appears On Radio Show Hosted By Preacher Who Advocates Putting Gays To Death

Back in 2015, controversy erupted when Republican presidential hopefuls Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz appeared at a Religious Right conference in Iowa organized by Kevin Swanson, an extremist preacher who longs to see America transformed into a “true” Christian society in which gays are put to death.

While Huckabee and Cruz eventually attempted to distance themselves from Swanson, whose radical anti-gay views were well-known before the GOP hopefuls appeared alongside him, Roy Moore, the suspended chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, apparently has no such qualms about him, given that he appeared on Swanson’s radio program today and is scheduled to join him at a homseschooling event in Colorado in April.

Swanson and Moore were in complete agreement on every issue they discussed, especially the idea that man’s law can never be allowed to conflict with the laws of God.

“God’s law is always superior to man’s laws,” Moore declared, warning that there can be no such thing as a separation between the laws established by God and the laws of this nation (a view which, coincidentally, perfectly demonstrates why he has been removed from the bench.)

Moore warned that America “is in mourning” because it has turned away from God and is therefore suffering from rampant violence and immorality so that we are now “seeing our country destroyed from within.”

But, Moore said, “God has given us a reprieve from judgement in this last election” which he hopes will lead to a revival in this nation.