Sam Rohrer: ‘We Want People In Office Who Think Like God Thinks’

The American Pastors Network's Sam Rohrer (Image from Stand in the Gap video)

In a recent Q and A session on the American Pastors Network’s Stand in the Gap podcast, Sam Rohrer suggested that Christians should not vote for a Muslim or atheist because “we want people in office who think like God thinks.” Rohrer also believes that President Trump’s 2016 victory was the result of “God divinely interceding” in the election.

In response to a question about how Christians can stand up for the truth and contend for the faith without falling into demonization of political opponents, Rohrer responded:

We want people in office who think like God thinks. Scripture says, when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. Freedom, God’s blessing, occurs when right decisions are made—but right decisions as defined by what God says is right.

So, it comes from a perspective. If you put a person in office who has a biblical worldview perspective, his view of what is right or wrong will be as God would want. And that’s where it starts. So if you put somebody in office who is an enemy of freedom, who is a practicing Muslim, as an example, or a Communist, as an example, an atheist, they will act on what they think is right, but it’s not going to be what agrees with biblical correction.

So, I say for those who want to do right biblically, these are the things you do on this. On matters of truth, never compromise. Now, what do I mean by matters of truth? Well, what God’s word says regarding moral truth. And, secondly, what the Constitution says relative to civil law. That’s the truth. On those matters of truth, agree, seek unity, advance a common view, and then defend it.

Rohrer says people in office can come down on the right side of unity and contending for the truth if they view themselves as a minister of God and adopt biblical definitions of good and evil.

For the record, Rohrer is probably not the best person to ask about avoiding demonization of one’s political opponents. Last summer he said that people who oppose Trump’s strict immigration policies are on the side of the Antichrist.