Sam Rohrer: Trump’s Win Was So Unexpected That The Only Conclusion Is That ‘God Did It’

Appearing on “Focus Today” on Friday, Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors Network declared that Donald Trump’s election last Tuesday was “an answer to prayer” and an unmistakable work of God.

“We asked God that if you choose to have mercy on us as a nation,” Rohrer said, “and if you choose, in your providence, to overrule the manipulations of man, make a win so clear that even the opponents would have to say somebody like God or God did it. And I believe that that’s exactly what happened.”

The fact that people in the media were utterly blindsided by Trump’s victory, Rohrer declared, was proof that “what we saw was God answering the prayer of his people” and giving Christians a “window of opportunity” to save this nation.