Sam Roher: ‘What Happened On November 8 Was God Divinely Interceding’

Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors Network appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program last week, where he asserted that Donald Trump’s election was very obviously the result of divine intervention to save this nation from certain destruction.

“I believe in my heart God’s given us a reprieve” with Trump’s election, said host Perry Atkinson, who worried that Christian conservatives might now fail to take advantage of their “opportunity to thrust the Gospel back into the culture.”

Rohrer agreed, saying that if Christians “are not aware of the threats to freedom that we have had, of how close we got to losing everything that we have, if we fail to understand that really what happened on November 8 was God divinely interceding in giving a reprieve,” then there is little hope for America.

Pastors and preachers and activists “who did see God work here” in the election “must be more bold and fervent than they ever were,” Rohrer said, and remain deep in prayer throughout Trump’s term.