Right Wing Round-Up: Cheering for the End of the World

  • Tori Otten @ The New Republic: Ex-Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Is Publicly Roasting His Entire Family.
  • Ex–Donald Trump attorney Jenna Ellis lashed out at her former boss, after his allies attacked her for flipping on the former president in the Fulton County case.

  • Talia Levin @ Rolling Stone: These Evangelicals Are Cheering the Gaza War as the End of the World.
  • Thousands have died in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Some far-right Christian leaders believe the bloodshed portends the second coming of Christ

  • Angry White Men: Stew Peters Goes On Homophobic And Antisemitic Rant About The Log Cabin Republicans.
  • On Rumble, Stew Peters devoted an entire segment of his show to attacking “fake conservatives” who support LGBTQ rights, particularly the Log Cabin Republicans. In an utterly deranged, slur-filled rant, Peters also claimed that donations from “mainly Jewish people” are funding pro-LGBTQ and Zionist candidates.

  • Alex DeLuca @ The Miami New Times: Moms for Liberty-Backed Candidate Elected Vice Chair of Miami-Dade School Board.
  • Despite losing big in recent school board elections across several states, the culture war agenda pushed by self-described parental rights group Moms for Liberty appears to be prevailing in the 305.

  • Alex Kaplan, Noah Dowe & Jack Wheatley @ Media Matters: Far-right figures and white nationalists celebrate Elon Musk’s antisemitic post: “What we were saying in Charlottesville.”
  • Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly Twitter), agreed with a paid X Premium user who claimed that Jewish communities push “hatred against whites” and support “hordes of minorities … flooding their country,” calling it “the actual truth.” In response, far-right figures and white nationalists have praised Musk for pushing the antisemitic conspiracy theory, echoing “what we were saying in Charlottesville” and “normalising our ideas.”

  • Warren Throckmorton: David Barton Still Leading Capitol Tour Deleted by Family Research Council in 2013.
  • Kelly Shackleford reported that they had met Mike Johnson in the Rotunda of the Capitol and had prayer with him. The night before, David Barton had led the First Liberty group in a tour of the Capitol. In the picture below, you can see Kelly Shackleford, along with David Barton standing next to Speaker Mike Johnson.

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