Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A God-Given Document

  • Laura Loomer owes the Council on American-Islamic Relations $125,000 in attorney’s fees but she is predictably refusing to pay: “I am not going to commit treason and fund an Islamic terrorist organization. And as a Jewish woman, I refuse to sit back and entertain the idea that I should pay a terrorist organization that has direct ties to Islamic terrorist groups that murder Jews.”
  • Liberty Counsel is begging for money because “the death culture advocates are doing everything in their power to attack, delegitimize and overthrow the Court’s decision [overturning Roe v. Wade]. The violence, racism and hatred that is abortion and has been waged against the unborn is now directed at the born. The threats are real.”
  • David Barton says “the Constitution is a God-given document based on God’s word” and thus electing Christians to office “allows God’s principles to work in a nation.”
  • Mychal Massie declares that Stacey Abrams is “a disgraceful human being who admirably represents the vile policies of Democrats” and proves that “Democratic women are morally opprobrious, Erebusic harridans [who] use their melanin content in an attempt to obfuscate their demonic characteristics.”
  • Finally, white nationalist Jared Taylor gripes that having a Black actress play the Little Mermaid “is all part of the sick and sickening adoration for Blacks and loathing for whites we see everywhere.”