Right-Wing ‘Historian’ Claims Dems Scheme to Force Republicans from Cities

Right-wing historian, commentator and failed congressional candidate Bill Federer appeared on The Truth & Liberty Coalition LiveCast earlier this week, where he claimed that Democratic lawmakers are intentionally allowing “crime to go up” in cities in order to encourage Republicans to move out. Federer continued by suggesting that this is an attempt to “manipulate the process” in order to control the popular vote.

“Think it through,” Federer said. “You let antifa have demonstrations in the city, you let homeless people come into the city, you let the crime go up; what do people that have the financial means do? They move out. So usually people who are financially responsible, a good percentage of those are Republicans. So in other words, you let the crime go up; a whole lot of Republicans will leave.”

Subsequently, Federer suggested that those who don’t move out of the cities will vote Democratic because they are “looking to the government for a handout,” creating a situation in which “the government basically controls their vote.”

“If you just do that in the big cities,” he continued, “you win the whole state.”